A Feature Story: Tales of the Unknown

This article features the tales of the people who we often do not notice inside the campus. Behind those smiles and cries are the stories worth to be shared.

(This was written in the point of view of a high school student).

Mundaneness is boring. I thought it is all it was. Until my eyes were opened, to peek through the windows of reality.

With hundreds of people I see every day, it never occurred to me that each person has a story to tell.

I was just staring at nowhere. Suddenly, I glanced at a melancholic scenery.

She was alone and she was crying.

The Super Woman

I do not know her. All I can see was the pink and gray uniform she was wearing, one that a usual college student wears on the campus. Although she wraps her body with the common clothing, she has the uncommon age of being in the four corners of an institution.

She is a student mother.

I never had the chance to talk to her on that day. It might not be a perfect time.

But then the moment came when we were tasked to interview some of the college students and so I grabbed the opportunity to know her story. She told me that her child was in the hospital for a week already. She was not in good terms with the father of her baby, and she was in great need of money.

The Keeper

On my way to the canteen, an old lady silently swept all our scraps.

I got embarrassed because she is already of my grandmother’s age. Since that day, I have been too concerned about what my classmates are doing with their garbage because I know that the old lady will be the one to clean them all.

When I had my chance to ask one of my teachers about her, my teacher said that she has been with the school since the birth of the institution.

I was amazed by how she managed to render her services even with that age. My teacher added that she is sending her granddaughter to college, which is her great motivation for doing the job.

The Leader

I first saw him when he called for a meeting, being the leader of the student body. The first time I heard his voice and the way he converses with teachers and students, I can already sense his erudition.

One of my classmates was closely related to him, which gives me more access to knowing his story.

At a very young age, he already works so hard for his family. Together with his mother and siblings, they run a party set-up business, which gives them enough funds to sustain their daily needs and school fees.

One time, during an examination day, I saw him running his way to his classroom. I just found out that he was already running late because he just arrived after hosting an event.

I wonder how he manages his time for his family, for the school, and for their business.

These are just a few of the tales of those people we meet every day.

Sometimes, we just passed by them without glancing.

Sometimes, we admire them so much, but little did we know, they are fighting serious struggles just to make it through, every single day.

Sometimes, we care so much about ourselves, complain so much about our pains and we neglect the realities that there are those who are in much greater need of help than us.

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