Notebooks for Sale at Jevannel’s

Just sharing an update!


🖊 Be inspired to write about BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN LIFE with these Floral Diary Notebook 🖊

₱205 pesos only

I will post actual photos SOON! 📚

I still do not have them, yet so these pictures are still from my supplier.

I am sure that they are going to be so pretty, so I won’t mind if my customers will not buy them because that could only mean one thing and that is THESE WILL BE ALL MINE to enjoy!

Is there anyone out there like me who craves for notebooks even if we do not have any plan what to write on them?

They give me HEAVENLY FEELING, a contentment my whole being savors even just looking at them, holding the cover, and flipping those empty pages.

Notebook is LIFE 📚

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