Personal Note: Why You Should Not Give Up

No matter what the situation is, never lose hope that everything is going to be alright.

It is always true that there is always a rainbow after the rain. Just look up and have faith.

Believe in God. He will never forsake you.

Many times I have found myself in the brink of giving up.

Let me share to you my not so SECRET journey in this NOT SO PERFECT life of mine.

It was only a few months ago when I was at my worst.

  • Break up after 7 long years
  • Scammed Bitcoin investment of 40k +
  • Failed attempt to get a successful job in Thailand
  • Debts due to impulsive decisions
  • Jobless for 2 months and more…

All those things happened starting January of this year.

I had been through a lot.

I thought depression was just a myth, an over reaction of those over acting people.

But, I woke up one day inside this box, where all I can think are those unhappy moments happening in my life.

I was very lonely. 😭

My thoughts were all scattered like a dropped tea tray that you do not know which piece you are going to pick first.

I tried regaining my strength, my appetite to life, yet my mind was diluted with negativity. I was so depressed. I had panic attacks.

But, amidst of it all, I did not lose my grip to the last strand of hope that was left in my hands.

I have my family. I have my friends. I have my God.

What I did?

✅I kept living my life. I pushed and forced myself to wake up every day and look forward to every chance and opportunity that I could get.

✅I have read a lot. Just random books just to ignite my enthusiasm.

✅I have written a lot. Just random writings to release unpleasant vibes that were trying to consume me.

I have reminded myself, every time my heart starts to beat faster again, that EVERYTHING WILL BE OVER SOON. I just need to let the great waves subside.

I stayed strong, though honestly, my whole being was breaking inside.

I stayed close to my family and my special friends. During those times that I was on the darkest days of my life, only a few truly helped me.

My family – my sisters were the best.

I also had my best friend as my outlet and my constant companion during those days.

Without these people, I won’t be able to surpass those serious trials.

It was never easy.

Now, I am on the phase of starting all over again. I am so fortunate to have what I have right now.

I am living a different life right now – far from what I want for myself, but I hope this is the life that God wants me to have.

All those things will be worthless if I have not learned anything from it. Learnings were inculcated deep down to my bones.

Those were treasures I have gained as rewards of the hard times I have conquered.

If I gave up, the moment when troubles started to make their appearance, I will not have this chance to savor more the life that God planned for me.

What I have right now and the hopes of my tomorrows are igniting some sparks inside of me and I do not want that flame to die.

How about you?

What is your story?

Have you been into the roughest times of your life? Who were there for you? How did you survive?

Leave a comment and let our stories be an inspiration to other people. 😘

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