MUST READ: First-Time Job Seekers RA 11261 Act

PHILIPPINES – Every year, millions of first-time job seekers will be exempted to pay for the government-issued documents as President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law the First-Time Job Seekers Act.

Based on estimates, first-time job seekers are burdened to comply with the requirements for their first job because they still need to pay almost PHP 2,000 just to acquire the documents.

Additional to the burden are transportation and meals. Most of the affected ones are coming from the provinces who were hired for a job in the city.

As stated by Senator Juan Edgardo Angara, this is one way of proving to the Filipinos that the government is converting the country’s revenue to the welfare of its people.

He added that this government expense can actually hurt the country’s profit, but what matters more is the help it can provide for the cash-trapped job seekers.

The more the people will get financial assistance to get a job, the more also the citizens who can contribute to the increase of employment rate of the country.

Since the usual case is that these first-job seekers would acquire debts in order to cover the process of getting those government-issued documents, at least this can defray the expenses.

It is hoped that there would be a fast implementation of the rules and regulations so that the recent graduates may avail of the benefits under the new law.

According to Senator Joel Villanueva, they acclaimed the signing of their bill (RA 11261) to provide financial aid for the youth.

Those graduates of the K-12 Program who opted the exit of employment can avail of these incentives. Those who finished a bachelor’s degree or Technical-Vocational courses from any institution in the country may also avail this benefit.

A Barangay Certification is needed to support their claim to be first-time job seekers. Fresh graduates as well as the out-of-school youth are entitled are covered in this law.


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