Uncovered: The Most Important Health Tip that You Should Know

Research suggests that in order for you to stay healthy, you should take in a “lifestyle makeover medicine”. It is actually a complete formula of the most important changes you should apply in your life and here are other health tips for you to make sure that the medicine you are taking will work.

  1. Consistency.

I have written about this WORD many times in my blog because I do believe in the power of being consistent. This also applies to HEALTH. If you would like to take in the capsule of lifestyle makeover medicine, you should be consistent in taking it in your life every day.

Moreover, the good thing about this formula is that you will never be get overdosed once you decide to make it a habit of getting one tablet even every hour. Just label them right. There are tablets for:

  • Exercise
  • Eat healthy food and drink
  • Rest
  • Meditate
  • Start a journal
  • Sleep
  • Travel
  • Read
  • Friends
  • Family
  • God

Just like any meds, you can schedule taking any of these tablets.

  1. Be a minimalist.

I have read an article just this morning about MINIMALISM because I am an email subscriber of BECOMING MINIMALIST and I was given a different perspective which I would like to share as a health tip.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that becoming minimalist does not require you to throw everything or if we would relate it to healthy dieting, this does not mean that you will stop eating or eat a little – you just need to EAT right. This covers the right food and the right time of consuming them.

Living a minimalist way of life means filling your everyday routine with purposeful habits.

Now, get up, start changing the unhealthy lifestyle and replace it with a healthful one. Just bear in mind that NOBODY SAID it would be EASY.

It will be…

  • Tedious
  • Boring
  • Dragging
  • Frustrating
  • Dismaying

But, only those who never quit, wins.

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