What are the pros and cons of being an educator?

Being an educator is about being responsible for one’s future. When you enter the gates of the academe, what welcomes you are the challenges of molding a child to become a better version of himself.

Indeed, teaching is a noble profession, yet only a few acknowledges that fact.


The Cons

The sad truth about being an educator is that for some people, this is no longer a road less traveled, because every year, different institutions are producing graduates from teacher education programs. Not may be all, but in most cases, more than half of those fresh graduates seek for teaching jobs all over the world. Because of the mundaneness of such profession, not all educators take pride of the job they do for the clients they serve – the students.

Some settle for self-complacency and they stop investing in their own future and learning, which affects their performance as well as the learner’s acquisition of knowledge. Like any other professions, teaching is faced with various kinds of chaotic situations, yet not all educators have enough courage and motivation to deal with everything and put student’s learning as a less priority.

Some educators are lured and drowned by their personal issues, which affect their classroom management ways and any mistake they commit are now sensationalized in social networking sites.

The Pros

On the other hand, for those who regard teaching as a self-sacrificing job, with the goal of not just merely informing, but educating students about the real world, these educators are the ones who excel and have great contributions to the community. Once you are an educator, you are one of the few who were given the keys to unlock one’s potentials and capabilities and mold that individual to become a productive member of the society.

Once the teaching profession is embraced, it grants a lifetime self-fulfillment.


Once the teaching profession is embraced, it grants a lifetime self-fulfillment because every semester or a year that passes, it brings all opportunities that only educators can grab and from those, the most important of all is the opportunity to touch one’s life.

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