Where To Eat Ice Cream in Panabo

When you are not too familiar with the place, it is very difficult to decide where to  eat, drink, relax and have fun.

But, last weekend, we discovered a new place!

I am still three (3) months here in Panabo and I do not know yet everything about the city. However, every day I am trying to be acquainted with the places around me, especially those areas where I can get some things I need – to relax.

Here is one place that I would like to recommend. It is where to EAT your favorite ice cream along TADECO Road, in front of R Troopers Café.

It was already night time when we decided to go home from R Troopers where I and Faidah had our dinner and some chilling moments with the acoustic band in the café.

While we were waiting for the tricycle, this candy colored store caught my attention and Faidah was very excited when we knew that it is an ICE CREAM house (you just don’t know how crazy she is when it comes to sweet temptations).



And so, we ordered one recipe, which they suggested since we asked for the BEST SELLER and here is what we got.


I totally forgot the name, but they actually have many options in their menu. I tasted only a few scoops since I was sharing it with an ICE CREAM monster.

Honestly, this ice cream has a unique taste. I am not sure what they call that white something, covering the scoop of ice cream because for sure that is not just pure cream. It has a texture that I do not understand much, even the taste of it is more like of a “kakanin”.

Overall, it was a fine treat, but I did not enjoy it that much because we just had our dinner from the cafe and I was very full already.

What we loved about the place is that it has indeed very cute candy colors around. You will surely love the combinations of different pastel colors inside. During the time we visited the place was still Halloween week and so when we were just taking random selfies, the staff offered us their cute props.

Overall, I would recommend this GC I Scream on WHERE TO Eat Ice Cream in Panabo. I would really love to go back to their place and try more of their sweet treats.

Visit their FACEBOOK PAGE here.

If you know some other places where to eat Ice Cream in Panabo, please share your experience in the comment below so we can also visit the place soon!

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