Where to Eat in PANABO CITY – ROADSIDE Cafe

If you are looking for other options on WHERE TO EAT in Panabo City, aside from the very well known place “SITO’s”, here is another great spot I would really recommend!

Who would have thought that this wonderful place exists?

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I stayed in the city for 4 months now, yet no one mentioned about this place, which is for me has the perfect ambiance that truly suits my taste. I was with one of my special friends, Sir Gary and he was the one who found this online.

I do not like much my face in this pic, but we were so delighted with the place and these smiling faces were the proofs I do not want to hide.

We were staying at Den’s Cafe, yet we did not enjoy much the atmosphere of the place because it was very crowded and there was this annoying noise of their blender something, which mixed with the random murmurs around us. But, we loved the NACHOS and the GREEN MATCHA LATTE, though.

We were still hesitant to go to Roadside Cafe because again, I wasn’t sure if the place really exist, because our favorite “TAMBAYAN”, the R-Trooper’s Cafe was close because it’s Sunday.

Good thing was that Manong Driver knows the cafe, though we weren’t sure at first if it is really the place shown in the Google Maps, but since he mentioned about Panabo Christian School, which is much familiar to me, we headed there and these are some of the few captured wonderful shots we got.

The place was not very crowded and it has a welcoming ambiance. I was not able to ask for a copy of the picture of the food we ate, but the CHOPSEUY and LECHONG KAWALI were very delicious.

For the foods – they were much pricey compared to R-Troopers, but it was still worth it because we really liked the place. We even planned to go back there anytime SOON.

What saddened me is that this place is only open from 9AM to 8PM only, unlike R-TROOPER’s which can cater you until 1AM.

However, if you would like to hop into the neighboring Karaoke Station after having your meal at this Roadside Cafe, at the back of this place is a SPOT, but can’t give you any details yet because we headed home after our sumptuous dinner.

For sure, one of these days, I am going to visit the backyard of the cafe and will share if the KTV bar is worth the visit.

Please forgive my face. I was still hungry when this was taken ^_^

Indeed, the place was good and the food was so fine. I had a great night!

How about you?

Do you know any other place here in the city where we can stay, eat, chat, study and spend some wonderful time with friends, family and loved one?

How about a pizza house?!

Where else can you recommend?

Leave your comment below and let’s exchange some thoughts!

Credits to the OWNER of the PHOTOS, of course – SIR GARY! with his HUAWEI Mobile Phone – mapapa WOW ka talaga! LOL!

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