Why Do Students Cheat

While proctoring an examination, this question popped up. Why do these students cheat?

Sakit kaayo ang ilang liog tan.awon. Mura na silag libat kay maningkamot jud ug tan.aw sa pikas na papel.

They are okay dealing with such discomforts. They failed to realize that they are causing so much trouble to the future self just waiting a few steps ahead of them.

Before letting myself consumed by that thought, the question poked me once again.

Why do they cheat?

I guess, the reason is they care much about the grades they will get. They want the higher numbers. They just wanted to get a PASSING SCORE. Because for them, that number will be their gate pass to the next level.

Examination should be an assessement tool to evaluate the skills and knowledge level of students.

Yet, because of those numbers, the true measure of learning is discarded. It appeared that the test scores are products of the efforts of the students to cheat unya MAGVARY LANG UG KINSA ANG TAPAD.

Most students found comfort in complacency during examination and cheating is their best strategy to deal with the mind-wrecking tests.

It did not come to their senses that they are just like eating anything during a meal time, just to get by and survive before the next one is served, causing so much detrimental effects to their health over time. (Sorry for the not-so-good analogy, I can’t think of something better as of the moment 😂).

My point is again, they are putting their future self at risk. In a working place, there are tasks that you should do alone. Initiatives will be required. Cheating won’t be allowed. You will be labeled as fraud. A fake one. Incompetent. A creature who is cursed to be a sessile organism, destined to get nowhere (OA RA).

What do I suggest?

Honestly, I do not have the best solution at hand. This is the reason why I raised this question, to solicit for the best remedy to this creeping problem in our schools.

How about you, what do you suggest?

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