3 Best Active Teaching Strategies and Learning Activities

We all have those days when ideas are so scarce. We cannot think straight because we are very exhausted already.

I heard my colleague exclaimed onetime, “I am too tired to THINK.”

Nevertheless, it is part of our job as teachers to THINK and to ACT on what we think is best for our learners.

We do it every single night and day – finding the best teaching strategies to use in facilitating learning of our students.

To help you with that task, I summarized three (3) of the best teaching strategies I have tried and wrote it down below.

I already applied all these in my class, but in most cases, I modify the strategy based on the setting.

(You understand right – why modification of a teaching strategy is vital to fit into the learning pace and style of our students.)

So, here there are. Read on and let your imagination roll (I do imagine my class every time I read about a learning activity that I will do with them. It excites me more!)

Assignments with Choice

This actually speaks the same language with Differentiated Instruction. I don’t know with you, but in my case, I give one instruction to my students on how they should accomplish the assignment. Rubrics are always provided on how they should be assessed.

But, with this teaching technique, it is suggested that you assess the learning of your students by giving them options on how they should demonstrate it.

To save you from the hassles of checking a variety of outputs, you may give them at least five choices. Some may write a reflection, speak their opinions, draw what they understood, or whichever works for your students based on their profile of Intelligence.

A-Z Taxonomy

This is tagged as a language strategy. In diagnosing the level of your students’ knowledge about different terms related to your subject, this strategy is ideal. I have used this in my Biology class as my post-instructional technique.

You can have two to four groups for this activity. As the students write those terms from A-Z, they can only get points only when the term is unique and exclusive only for their group.

This makes it very challenging and enjoyable. You should try it!

Best Choice Debate

This is my favorite. I super like debates. I love it when students will speak out their ideas – an impromptu speech.

!Best Choice Debate – This is my favorite. I super like debates. I love it when students will speak out their ideas – an impromptu speech.

In this learning activity, you should assign two students first who will speak for the Pro and Con sides. They need to gather more classmates on their side to deliver also other important points about the side they chose. Therefore, this demands for a convincing power speech.

It does not follow a format unlike the Asian Parliamentary Debate that I know. The goal is to make them speak. I even let them use the language they are comfortable using, just to hit the goal of letting them express their thoughts.

However, you need to set some rules on this informal type of debate or else, your class will be chaotic, which I actually experienced when I forgot to read my mechanics. You need to set the allowable time for each speech. Moreover, you need to set your rubrics and your point system in order to declare the winner.


Just in case you did not notice, these 3 best teaching strategies I featured won’t ask you to buy any expensive school and office supplies.

For my final note, I still have a long list in mind, but I need to get up now from this table to work with some instructional materials that I have prepared for my adult learners. No matter how trending and how highly recommended, it is to use technology, there are just some learning activities I want to conduct using some educational Manipulatives.

For sure, I will be writing more of these teaching strategies in my next posts. I will write 40+ more teaching strategy ideas, but for now, this is all what I can offer.

I will be very happy if you can share also your own teaching strategies and learning activities. As what they say, TEACHERS NEED TEACHERS! Just leave your thoughts as comments below!

Until next!



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