3 Things You Should Do After Failing An Examination

Scroll it UP and then DOWN, then UP and then DOWN.

Your name is not there, baby T_T

Civil Service Examination results have been released last week and a few days after, the list of passers for the Licensure Examination for Teachers results followed. There were those who topped the exam. The passer’s list was composed of first takers and repeaters.

Yet, your holy name was not there! Why did they miss that important name? Are they nuts? (OoO)

Of course, not. Baby, you just FAILED. You did not make it. Face it. Accept it. Retake.

Maybe you’re thinking that it is easy for me to say because I am not in your shoes. Actually, I had that pair of shoes also before (^_^) exactly the same size, so I KNOW.

Did it stop me from retaking the exam? NO. I had the thought in mind before that as long as they will allow me to retake, I will prove to myself and to the world that I CAN DO IT.

I hit the goal the second time around. It was not luck BABY.

It was because of the SERIOUS COMMITMENT and FULL EFFORT.

Let me share with you some tips on what you can do after failing an examination.


What I really wanted to write here is “DON’T COMPARE”, but for sure, you already did. The next thing you did after you checked your name is that you check your friend’s and your ENEMY’s name and then condemn yourself as UNLUCKY, UNBLESSED and CURSED.

“My thoughts were so disturbed that time when I failed the CS examination and questioned those who passed because I was so confident that time that I am better than them. It made me feel bitter. It made me feel very sick of myself. That WAS NOT VERY HEALTHY.”

So, I stopped. You SHOULD also STOP it… like NOW.

You have hurt yourself a double time. You don’t deserve such punishment. Just stop exhausting your mind for things that you cannot change.

Just pray for them that they can get a good job and be better employees. Maybe it’s their time to shine.

For sure, you have your SCHEDULE, just not THIS TIME.


I hate it when people blame other things, other people and certain circumstances why they failed the examination. And, when they can pass the examination, they take all the credits for it.

Why not you blame yourself for that failure. It is sometimes the best route to take… so that you can improve more your ratings that next time around.

“Honestly, I blame my prayer during that time because I wanted my friend to pass the exam because it would be difficult for me to comfort him if he won’t make it. So I prayed for him than for myself and I blamed my answered prayer. Crazy! I know”.

What really happened was I really did not expect the examination to be that hard. My father bought me a reviewer, but I did not open it until the last day of the exam.

I was VERY CONFIDENT, then. But, I was slapped on my face. Ouch!

Honestly, I had a hard time accepting it. Because I was trapped applying the first step. I kept comparing myself to other people.

The pain was growing inside of me. Maybe the turning point, which made me decide to stop doing what I always do, was when I realized that I HAD ENOUGH.

I cannot hate myself forever. I cannot have the exam forever. I decided to do something, which led me to apply the second TIP.

Now, for the third tip…


I was so embarrassed by that failure, but I do not want to be locked on that thought that I failed that examination.

I NEED TO PASS it, no matter what it takes.

I re-applied without telling anyone of the second attempt. It was only my family who knew about it. I already have a job in a private company and during my vacant time, I open online reviewers.


MY HEART AND MIND are so committed to realize the goal.

  • During weekends, I spend some time reviewing.
  • I improved my vocabulary.
  • I learned to solve math problems.

I HATE EVERYTHING I DO, but that’s the only way.

Because you have a clear goal, you do things that can help you even if you don’t feel like doing any of it.

That’s the secret of SUCCESS for me. That’s uncovering the potentials of persistence and CONSISTENCY.


Just don’t give up!

This failure may not be the first! LOL! Because these tips won’t guarantee that you will pass the next time you’ll be taking the examination.

These tips just give you the best chances of handling frustrations after facing such disappointing circumstance. These tips also give you HOPE that you can ALWAYS GIVE IT ANOTHER TRY.

The world will not end just because you failed. As it continues to rotate and revolve, chances will be endless until you hit your goal.

Just don’t give up.

How about you? Did you have the same taste of failure and success as the one I narrated here? Would you like to share it with the world? Experiences like this are bittersweet moments, which make LIFE more beautiful. Are you with me on that?

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts about this post!

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