After writing about HOW TO MAKE A CONCEPT PAPER FOR RESEARCH, I decided to provide you a sample free downloadable template.

You may use this as a guide in organizing your ideas and arrange them all according to this outline. You may also opt to modify this template according to what your school requires.

Some schools ask for a list of REFERENCES and some ask for attachment of adapted SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE (Quantitative Research).

Start defining your research topic. Identify the PROBLEM you would like to explore. Identify the variables. WRITE whatever comes to your mind when you think about that topic.

Narrate your REASONS why you have chosen the research topic. Think of the possible outcomes after you can conduct the study.

Search for a theory (with its proponent) that supports your study. You can use a concept model or a proposition that MENTIONS THE PROBLEM AND VARIABLES of your chosen research topic.

Consider getting related studies, which covers the global, national and local context. Focus on the results of those studies so that you can see how relevant they are in your research topic.

To highlight the URGENCY of your research, enumerate who can BENEFIT from your study. Explain how they can take advantage of the results of the research.

After you have defined your purpose, collected the related studies and identified your beneficiaries, DECIDE what DATA you wish to get in order to lead you what research design you should use.

Once you have completed the contents of this FREE CONCEPT PAPER TEMPLATE, you can now present this to your adviser for consultation.


I found another article, which gives another template that you can use. You can visit www.ithaca.edu.

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