Great Teachers Do These 10 Things Every Day, You Should Too

The things we do as teachers can spark the minds and touch the hearts of our students. No matter what level of students we handle, instilling passion for teaching and learning is more important than feeding our learners with just mere facts and information.

Honestly, every time I end a session with my class, on my way back to the Faculty Room, I often ponder for a while and ask myself, “Did my students realize something today?” and I blow my wishes in the air.

Who else does that? Are we crazy? I bet, we’re not! We Are Just Concerned!

The truth about effective teaching is that SUCCESS is not always reflected in the grades that our students get. It is more on their changes of behavior toward things and the changes on the way they think about life. How do we achieve that?

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Here is a meaningful educational resource about the 10 THINGS THAT GREAT TEACHERS DO EVERY SINGLE DAY, and we should consider doing, too – to make teaching and learning fun and meaningful!

Great teachers give students a hope that they can succeed.

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Positivity is something you can pass on. That is one of our greatest jobs as teachers. One reason why students go to school is they look forward to SUCCEED. They set expectations that they can get something from teachers, which they can use in the future. Load them with high hopes. That will push them to be more motivated in realizing their dreams.

Great teachers have a sense of humor.

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Positive attitude of teachers, invites more students to learn. Your upbeat mood can influence them positively. As what Ms Olivier said, positivity breeds creativity. With your sense of humor, it makes students be more confident to be themselves. Their natural talents could come out. It reduces tension in the class.

Great teachers are consistent.

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Setting your own classroom rules is an important classroom management strategy. The task there is to be CONSISTENT. Often teachers bend rules because of emotional factors. However, in order to avoid any conflicts and provide your students with standard quality instruction, being consistent – which means YOU WILL DO, WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO is your key.

Great teachers seek help from the experts.

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Some teachers stop consulting other mentors, which is not healthy for any career. These teachers stopped reflecting, which we should not EMULATE, because this can lead us to teacher burnout.

We are in this TEACHING AND LEARNING cycle. Asking advices from the experts can help us improve the way we do things. It can help us become productive educators. It can help us grow.

Great teachers love the teaching job.

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It is true that not all teachers love their teaching job and that is all reflected in their commitment to deliver quality work. You should ask yourself every day, “Do I love what I do?” If sadly that your answer to this question, is NO or NOT ANYMORE, yet you wanted to keep the job, be reminded that it is ALL IN THE MIND.

Great teachers enjoy the teaching job. Because of the positive vibes, they seemed to have this contagious energy. Include that kind of teacher in your circle. Assess yourself what makes you feel uninspired. Knowing what demotivates you can lead you also to its remedy.

Great teachers adapt differentiated instruction.

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All learners have their own inclination as what Howard Gardner said in his Theory of Multiple Intelligences. With that given, it is important for any teacher to provide differentiated instruction to students. This means not relying mainly on pen and paper test, but give students other activities, where they can highlight their abilities. As what my Aunt Elyn always says, “It may be a hassle, but it is part of our job.”

Adapting a differentiated instructional strategy would require you to create varied instructional materials. It can be infused in your ACTIVITY or ASSESSMENT part of your lesson plan.

Consider always in drafting your Desired Learning Outcomes the three major domains – Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor. By doing this, it is actually catering to your learner’s needs.

Great teachers use technology.

Teaching and Learning Educational Resources

The 21st century educators can adapt to the latest developments of technology. Teachers who use technology are capable to ignite more the young learners to engage in learning.

Even adult learners are attracted to these trends. It only shows that these teachers embrace changes and so they invested time and effort to learn new things. The tools brought by technology can never be underestimated, for sure.

Great teachers provide both fun and learning.

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This is not just for elementary and primary students. Adult learners still enjoy fun learning using different educational games. Bringing all the fun to a classroom may sound easy, but this requires some serious efforts. However, if you will teach holistically, you will not even feel that you are doing any job – as everything slows naturally.

The effort depends on the learning outcomes you have set for the class. It also depends on the course that you are handling. However, nobody can take away the ingenuity of passionate teachers.

Great teachers give students emotional support.

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One statement struck me most when Dr. Cuizon inspired us to find a problem happening in our classroom, when he conducted a seminar of Action Research,

“Students in your classroom are crying souls.”

Dr. Cuizon | University of Mindanao, Davao – Professional Schools

I did not think of that until I heard it from someone who is concerned about the emotional health of learners. He added that some students go to school, not to learn your lesson, but just they just wanted to feel there are valued.

Teachers are the second parents and in some cases, the first and only parents that your student may have. Be kind. Be gentle. Giving the students the emotional support they need, pushes them more to work harder in finishing their studies. Maybe the day will come; it will be YOU who they want to be PROUD of who they will be in the future.

Great teachers have a clear purpose.

Teaching and Learning Educational Resources

Lastly, great teachers have a clear purpose in mind. They do things every day with a focus goal in mind and in heart. As they take their learners to an educational journey, they already prepared beforehand the road signs to a successful destination. Influencing the students of this mindset is another goal that great teachers have.

Making the learners understand that school activities and teacher’s lessons can help improve themselves – that is helping students define their own purpose in life.

We have chosen teaching over any other careers. Therefore, we are expected to be good at it. Reading the 10 Things Great Teachers Do Every Day should make us realize that we are not far from becoming great ourselves.

It only spells a few things.

We are called to be fully COMMITTED to the teaching job we have. We should make the LEARNING of our students a priority. This can be done by helping ourselves grow, too.

We should provide a happy LEARNING COMMUNITY.

What other things you think great teachers do? Comment below and let’s exchange thoughts!

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