HBO: Game of Thrones Season 8 Teaser is Out!

Who wouldn’t be excited about this news?! All GOT Fans out there, HBO released a short clip that will surely ignite more all the thrills!

The Winds of Winter and The Dreams of Spring

What excites me a lot is The Fall of Cersei.

There have been many prognostications about what will happen in this season, but only the six long episodes this April can reveal the truth.

How would they defeat the White Walkers now that Viserion is already on the enemy’s side?

This was the perfect twist in the previous season. My heart melted when Viserion was hit by the spear and when it opened its blue eyes, the burning thrills kicked in.

Who is Bran?

Many speculated that Bran is the Night King. According to sources, his visions were also the eyes of the leader of the White Walkers. I hope this is not true.

Is Tyrion Lannister also a Targaryen?

I have read about this also that the reason why Tywin hated the imp so much was because he is not truly his son, but of Mad King’s. Speculators added that the reason why there were three dragons was because of the three Targaryens left, Daenerys, Jon Snow and Tyrion.

How would Cersei die?

The Mad Queen was such a coward in dealing with the White Walkers. She was not with the whole troupe when they tried defeating the real enemies. She was too concerned about her crown and neglected what the real battle is.

I have a strong feeling that she’s gonna die. I hope Arya will give justince to Ned’s death by killing this witch.

Will Nymeria show up for Arya?

The leaving of Nymeria was such a great sacrifice. I hope the reunion of this direwolf and Arya will be dramatic. I am truly looking forward to it.

Who and what is Uncle Benjamin?

He survived beyond the wall. Maybe he knew something or he is already something. Could that be possible that he is half White Walker? Or, is he just serving the Night King?

What can Sam contribute to the defeat of the White Walkers?

Not the bravest, but intelligent and a well-educated man. His stay in the Cathedral Library of Chained Books could possibly change things. I am excited of what he can discover and reveal to Jon Snow. I loved also how he loved Gilly and the baby.

Will Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth be given a chance?

Is “Kilig” already in the dictionary?

This is how I felt when they were together – Jamie being the captive. Their shared stories were filled with some melancholic revelations. I hope they can rekindle and be given a chance.

Who else are going to die?

I hope April will come so soon and I hope the episodes will be worth the long wait.

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