How to Clear History on Mac

Keeping track of your previous browsing activities is possible with any browser you use with your Mac. That is actually like a reflex on their functions. Therefore, every time you visit a website, your browser remembers everything about that surfing session.

For some people, that feature is very important. It means that the second time around they need those exact websites; they can just scan through the browsing history.

It saves them time and effort. It somehow improves their productivity.

However, for other individuals, that feature is unnecessary. For them it is disturbing and can be portals of invasion of their privacy.

The need of removing prints of browsing history may arise when you are using a shared Mac computer.

Learning how to clear history on Mac is an important skill all Mac-users should know. You have the option to do the task manually or use the iMyMac Software to improve more the efficiency of doing the job.

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What You Should Know About Web Browsing History

Just like when you take every step, you leave your footprints behind. That has the same concept with web browsing history. Every time you visit a website, every page you scan – all those links are saved. Your browser remembers.

The only exemption to this is when you opt to use Incognito Mode or what we call the Private Browsing. All of the pages you visit are saved and stored forever, unless you have a scheduled deletion session.

You should note that this browsing activity is usually linked to your browser account. Whether you are using Safari or Chrome in your Mac computer, your browsing history is just sitting somewhere you even won’t notice.

In most cases, considering the settings of Chrome that is linked to your Google Account, the online forms you filled out will store your transactions. Therefore, when you input almost the same data in all forms you use online, autofill will function, backed up by details in your browsing history.

Even in Safari browser, your previous searches of terms will show up the next time you key in the same words and phrases.

Moreover, each entry – which means (each page you visit with a unique link) is sorted by date. This makes this feature very helpful for some people, especially in retrieving files they have downloaded, which they unintentionally deleted from the local files.

Is it necessary to clear browsing history?

Well, that depends on you. Nevertheless, learning how to clear history on Mac is important, even if you do not need to perform it yet.

You do not know when will someone borrows your Mac. It could be a matter of privacy on your part if you have deleted your browsing history. You should also consider the thought that it is somehow a practice of professional etiquette. By deleting the browser history for the next user of the Mac, it gives them enough space to think what sites to visit without yours popping up as suggestions.

If you have a business and there are confidential details you wish to keep, deleting those traces of what websites you visited can secure business confidentiality.

Moreover, some individuals enjoy the sparks of joy when they have all things cleaned up.

How to Remove Browser History

Each browser demands specific instruction. Read on and choose which browser you have installed in your Mac that needs history deletion.

Manual Steps on How to Clear History on Mac – Safari

  1. Click on the icon to launch Safari.
  2. Locate the History Tab in the top menu.
  3. Click on Clear History and Website Data.
  4. Select the time range of your browsing activity that you wish to remove. You may opt to choose only your old session, or click All History.
  5. Confirm by clicking Clear History.

Manual Steps on How to Clear History on Mac – Chrome

  1. Click the icon and launch Chrome.
  2. Find the burger icon on the top right menu.
  3. Find History and wait for the popup menu.
  4. Click History.
  5. You can manually tick only those recent entries that you wish to delete. Otherwise, you can delete them all.
  6. On the left top corner, click on that menu to present Clear Browsing Data.
  7. Select the time range of your browsing activity that you wish to remove (Last hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 4 weeks and ALL TIME).
  8. Tick the other boxes below the time range. You can explore your options on the Advanced tab.
  9. Select which details you want to remove.
  10. Click Clear Data.

Manual Steps on How to Clear History on Mac – Firefox

  1. Click the icon to launch Firefox.
  2. On the top menu, click on the History tab (with an icon of vertical lines).
  3. Click History.
  4. Click Clear Recent History.
  5. Select the time range of your browsing activity that you wish to remove. You may opt to choose only your old session, or EVERYTHING which deletes All History.
  6. Choose other options on what to delete like Browsing and Download History.
  7. You may uncheck Active Logins, Cookies, Cache, Form and Search History or include them in the deletion process.
  8. Click Clear Now.

Additional Tips and Tricks in Unit Maintenance

Now that you know how to do things manually, you may also opt to avail automated systems that will do the job for you. It will not cause any hassle because you get to enjoy a 30-day trial of this software.

Let iMyMac from PowerMac perform the deletion of your browsing history. The very user-friendly platform provides all users the confidence that the software doubles the time and effort, instead of doing the task manually.

It also saves you from errors.

iMyMac assures the safe use of the product and the software can offer more than just deleting your browsing history, but covers some of the important maintenance procedures of Mac computers.

Therefore, it is a one-stop shop software for Mac. The 30-day free trial can help you decide if the software caters to your needs.

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