How to – not quit!

Just simply try and try again!

Well, hello world and hello Philippines!

I am here AGAIN in the blogosphere, trying my luck AGAIN to earn from blogging.

It’s been eight years, when I started this journey, yet now I am still lost. LOL!

But, as they say, winners are those who never quit, so here I am AGAIN! I am so proud of myself for not quitting that easy. It’s been almost a decade, but my dream did not perish yet. Since, the burning desire is still there, so why stop?

I still believe that I can be a great blogger! LOL!

And nobody can stop me.

Many times I have arrived into a conclusion that blogging is not really for me, but who cares if I give it another try?

It is me who will lose the money I invested for this domain and hosting so there will be no blame game 😀

Just like before, I do not have a concrete plan for this blog, but still, I am going to write anything under the sun. I am taking this as a hobby at the same time a business.

Based from my readings, in order to be a productive blogger, you should treat your blog as a BUSINESS so that you will really make money from it.

That may be true for some, but I am no expert at anything so I cannot master a niche and share more specifics about one topic so I am just going to write about anything and will make sure that my readers will still get something from this blog.

Though I am pretty sure that you are not that interested of who really I am, I am still going to share some ugly and pretty truths about myself.

I just want to keep this blog updated, gain some visitors and share something that would be beneficial for anyone who might need my random thoughts about random topics.

I will be covering more topics on:

  • and more!

Watch out for my next posts! :D:D:D





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