In Retrospect: Children Then and Now

Who else had their NIDO Bedtime stories collection? I can still remember those days.

We still need to buy the POWDERED MILK just to get those slipped little booklets about our favorite fairy tales.

Sadly, NIDO was more expensive than BEAR BRAND POWDERED MILK and so, it was very seldom for us to get those collectibles.

Those were wonderful fragments of memories of our childhood days.

We were very amused by those pretty little things. We LEARNED our first words from those booklets.

The story I cannot forget was THUMBELINA.

NIDO Booklets

The pictures were very entertaining. Maybe, they’re not as good compared to what is available today. Yet, those are the best of what we had.

I hope we can turn back those times.

Resources were very scarce, yet we really tried our best to have our own to use and keep.

Unlike today, there is already an ample of resources, yet only a few valued those available references to utilize for learning.

I hope parents would not just rely on YouTube to entertain their kids when they are busy doing other things. There is no question that in one way or another, YouTube helped kids to acquire knowledge – but the UNFILTERED ones.

Reality check, some parents are very proud to say that their kids are very good at speaking the universal language because of YouTube. However, most of these kids do not know how to mingle with other young ones, which is more important than learning how to communicate in the virtual world.

Most kids know how to speak foreign languages, yet do not know how to read. It is essential to realize that reading boosts more cognitive development than speaking.

Emulation is basic, but comprehension can take them further.

This is just a random thought about our world before and today.

Can you tell me your thoughts about this? Leave your comment below 👇🏻

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