Karaoke: Pinoy’s Best Bonding Activity

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Our family bonding is never complete without Karaoke, which is why this Christmas Family Reunion 2018, we decided to buy our own Karaoke appliance to use.

This is not our first purchase. Those first buys were already damaged. This is not even the best available in the market. But, this is what we agreed to buy to color our bonding moments, as we all love to sing our hearts out every time.

This is Ate Jet who stayed almost 3 hours of singing 😂. This photo is captured by Papa.

For Php 1,100 peso contribution of five siblings, we were able to bring home 5,000 songs with new hits to enjoy. We had a separate purchase for the microphone.

Since the audio output is dependent to where it is attached, thankfully, we already have our woofer to back it all up.

So far, everything was good.

If I will give the item a review, I would rate it 4. If only it has an impressive aesthetic value, then I could give it a 5, but since it has a very simple design and durability is not yet assured, then a perfect score may be too much.

But, so far, its quality is good and the songs are updated. There were few mistakes with the lyrics, but tolerable. LOL!

As what they say, singing is an effective stress reliever and we are the kinds of people who are always stressed of the hard work we do for our job, and with this simple gift for ourselves, we can make this season a merry one.

We have purchased the item for 4,999 and microphone for 500pesos only at Gaisano Mall Tagum – Department Store 💕

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