Let’s Pause and Pray

With so many investment schemes sprouting today, only a few wouldn’t grab a promising return of 100% in a week.

That’s real money. Wise investment…but earthly contentment, thus, temporary happiness.

I have nothing against it. We do have our needs. Money is one of the most important elements we need to acquire in order to live a comfortable life.

With our given circumstance, I can say that MONEY IS LIFE.

But, let’s take this moment to pause and reflect. Have we asked ourselves, how much are we willing to invest to secure our slot in the heavens?

What our God promised to us is an everlasting joy as long as we would invest. He promises a HUGE RETURN of INVESTMENT.

This type of INVESTMENT is not money. But, these are the most valuable things in life – on earth and in the heavens.

We do not have to borrow this from our friends and our neighbors. We already have it. We can make it with our bare hands.

We can even use our minds and all our senses to make the valuable investments.

✨ We need to do GOOD THINGS to our fellowmen in order to make this investment.

✨ We need to find time to WORSHIP our Creator and thank Him for the wonders of life He let us experience.

✨ We need to nurture FAITH, HOPE and LOVE in all our thoughts, words and actions.

By doing these things, this will serve as a lock-in commitment for a lifetime, thus, saving our spot into the heavens, where true love and true happiness from and with our one Holy God.

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