My Bestfriend, My Sister: Faiding, Datdat Lablab ๐Ÿ’•

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This post is dedicated to Faiding. My sister from another mother, my bestfriend, my partner in all crimes and tanan ka echusan sa akong life. Friendversary daw kuntahay namo karon, mao ng pagbigyi nalang sa ning taas kaayo na mensahe para sa akong pinanggang amiga.

Aside from my loving family, she was the one who fought life with me. With the unbearable attitude I have, my fickle mind, my mood swings, super hot temper – with all the challenges that life slapped at me since January, siya jud nagsalo sa akong ka abnormal. I will no longer go into details, but for those who know me, they would agree when I say, it is never easy to TAME a DRAGON. Lol!

Our friendship sprouted when we were given a chance to compete for a Spoken Poetry Competition. I was the one who finalized the piece, with the help of some friends, and she was the one who delivered it. When we bagged the 2nd place, we realized that weโ€™re both hard losers ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… It was exactly a year ago, together with our most special friends, #TeamQuizzical when we still celebrated our defeat of the competition, yet we still garnered an award of friendship and that is what we are celebrating today.

We thought that was the end of our bonding moments, but another competition came in and even if it is not my forte, I was requested to accompany the first Debate Team of the school. When that challenge was posed, I set my mind to win the competition, no matter what. Only a few knew this, because only those few saw us during training sessions – I was so harsh during the trainings kung kami nalang duha. LOL! Pero tungod gihapon ato, mas na close mig samot, and yey! WE WON the DEBATE! Congrats my PRIME MINISTER!

Kinsa bay magdahum na main.ani jud mi ka close aning bataa ni. She was once my first year student in my second year of teaching in MonCAST. One of the great achievers in the school, who waved the banner of MonCAST in the academic field with her wit, beauty and talent. Kinsa may dili ma PROUD!

For me, dili ni weird, kay sauna pa lang, close sad kaayo ko sa akong teachers. Ug mabasahan ni sa duha nako ka teachers sa una nga gipalangga sad kaayo nako, kabalo jud sila unsa ko mo amping ug friendship. Labwan pa ang uyab. hahaha!!!

Sa tinuod lang, choosy kog friends, mao ng kung friends ta, isa ka therefore, sa akong gina value jud.

To Faidah, salamat kaayo for always being there for me (Mohilak naka dapat sugod diri, LOL!) Now, you know how crazy I am, how weak I am. Thank you for not leaving me behind. Thank you for always including me in your prayers and for reminding me of my God, even if we do have different religions.

Having you beside me is such an honor. You are such a wonderful person. You have a kind heart, very compassionate, a true giver and a loving daughter and sister to your beautiful family. I am so blessed to have you.

With the talents that you have, swerte na kaayo ang school kung asa ka maka work. Hehehe. As you continue your journey on becoming a teacher, may you always bring that burning desire in your heart to help more people, especially your community. Ug pwede lang jud unta ka diri sad sa Panabo magwork, ug pwede lang jud. But, wherever fate will bring you, know that you will always have me to samok-samok you. Hahaha! You are very special to me and you know that.

Cheers to more friendversaries to celebrate Dat. I will do my very best to grant your request to celebrate our 50th friendversary together, still alive and kicking. 80 nako ana ikaw 71 hahaha! Malay mo! Matinuod. Inshallah!

I love you Datdat. Pagstudy na sa LET ha kay atoa pa ng iTOP, letโ€™s work on that. Letโ€™s dream it possible! Muadto pa sad tag SoKor kay mangita pa tag OPPA. Unsaon nalang si Jimin, luoy sad dili kakita nato! Hahaha

More aways and emote.emote to come!

Tinuod jud diay ang ingon sa Midnight Sun na movie, โ€œIt only takes one personโ€ and that person is you. I thank my God and your God for this wonderful friendship that we are celebrating today!




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