Jevannel’s – My Online Shop of School and Office Supplies

This has always been a dream of mine to have my own shop with all my favorite Office and School supplies.

However, having a physical store demands a huge cash and I do not have that much as of the moment.

But, yesterday! My first batch of Notebooks arrived and they were all so pretty.


I have this thing in mind that you will not be bankrupt if the ones you bought can deliver you happiness even if they will be left UNSOLD.

But, I did not expect such an increase number of orders after I told my friends that the first batch were all SOLD.

Therefore, it is not only me who is fond of COLORFUL NOTEBOOKS!

If you will ask me which one is my favorite, I would say ALL. I am just crazy about notebooks, so what do you expect?

The features I like about the products are:

  • Wonderful colors
  • Small size (smaller than the regular notebook)
  • Matte finish (it was difficult to capture the real color of the notebooks because the colors reflect the flash of my phone’s camera and they appear like having NEON colors 🙁
  • Simple lines like that of a normal composition notebook

Many ordered my gel pens because of these pictures, but CERTAINLY THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE!!! LOL!


If you would like to order, you can just leave a comment for your queries on price and shipping details. I will also be uploading more products and I hope they will arrive tomorrow.

I do not have any serious plan for this venture, but so far, I am enjoying the response of my friends and family because they are showing an overwhelming support, which inspires me more to really try this one.

Who knows, this can make me RICH. LOL!

I hope, a few months from now, I can truly establish this business with my first name as the BUSINESS NAME.

Let’s give justice to the name my parents gave me.

Until now, I am still not truly satisfied with the reason I have JEVANNEL as my name just because I was born in JULY. T_T


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