My Student Hugged Me and Then She Said Goodbye

It was a very short moment. But, I felt something. It was not the usual hug I used to receive from my friends. I looked at her and pain was reflected on her weary eyes.

My student hugged me and then she said goodbye.

I always get to sign that white paper before Midterms.

Students start dropping out of my class – not just from mine.

They just stop going to school.

They have many reasons.

The few of these reasons were Relocation, Sick Family and Relatives, Pregnancy, Work, and financial incapability to continue schooling.

These things happen. I know. They are sometimes inevitable.

But still, my heart bleeds for these students.

After all, there are still certain situations that FREE Education can’t SAVE.

There is no need to play a BLAME GAME here because in some cases, those circumstances that students face are faults of their own making. But for teachers, I guess, we can do something about this.

Let’s take those short moments to give them the best pieces of advice we can give. Let it be a SWEET FAREWELL that they would look back someday.

Let’s give them hope that they can still come back anytime and we will be happy to see them if that happens very soon.

Our words mean to our students. Our words, sometimes matter more than of their parent’s.

There was one time when I told the student that she should come back after she delivered her baby and she was with her mother when she asked me to sign the paper. Her mother was teary-eyed, then.

I can sense the pain. She just thanked me and hold my hand very tight.

That was again a very short glimpse of memory, but I felt it.  

These students may have taken a detour, but we should make our farewell words be inviting enough for them to be inspired to get back on track.

A simple tap on their back and a sweet smile are simple gestures that show that you care.

I was not able to say any word. I just hugged her back and whispered a simple prayer. That was a precious moment.

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