SAMPLE – Salute to the Faculty – SPEECH

My fellow graduates, in this special day, let us grab this opportunity, to offer our GRAND SALUTE, to our dear faculty.

It is true that our school is a busy place and we are the busy people, and so we miss out our chances to say our words of gratitude to the people who played a huge part in the success that we are celebrating today.

Ma’am, Sir. I hope you know that you are all very important to us. We are saying this not because of the grades, but because we look up to you as our role models.

Often than not, we have failed you, yet every time you show up in front of the class, with unending and deafening hymn of sermons and insightful reminders, we can decipher what you truly mean – that you just care for our future. 

We have seen you tired, yet you still smile. We have seen you cry, yet you still offer us your effort and time.

We make some of your good days, but most of your bad days, yet, here you are, with us, in this special occasion of our lives, to celebrate a triumph of making it to this end, though in the middle of the road, we did try to lose our grip.

Thank you Ma’am and Sir, for not letting go of our hands.

Our dear teachers, let us all celebrate this feat, for you have again produced graduates of this prestigious institution.

You have given us now our wings to soar up high, to reach the millions dreams we wanted to achieve the moment we entered the gates of our institution,  and on what kinds of graduates we will be, that will be our part to play and on behalf of Batch 2019,

I will say that WE WILL NEVER FAIL YOU.

Thank you again and Congratulations to us ALL!

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