Teaching is Learning; Learning is Teaching

I just grabbed this photo from Edutopia Facebook Page and thought of writing something about it.

Let me tell you a short background about me, being an educator.

My journey of becoming a teacher followed a crooked road. In short, I really did not plan to become one. Even if almost all of my cousins, uncles, and aunts are teachers, I had in mind before that it is unnecessary for me to take the same path.

I finished BS in Biology. My first job was with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. It did not last that long and because of the booming BPO industry, I opted to become a Research Analyst (as what they call us), processing insurance documents. It lasted for four long years. 

The thing that made me decide to change my career was the realization that I am getting nowhere. I processed documents before. I copied and pasted. I took notice of the formatting but did not mind the meaning of what I am reading for four long years. Since that job was in Davao City, I decided to look for a job that can bring me back home in Monkayo.

Teaching – it is! 🙂

I also noticed that during those four long years with the BPO company, my love for learning did not stop. Even if I am working on my tasks, I have this part-time writing job on the side. I loved more my part-time job, not just because of the money I was earning from it, but because the writing tasks forced me to read learn a lot of things – every single day.

When I decided to become a teacher, my love for learning continued. I realized that in order for me to TEACH something, I need to LEARN, and when we had our practice teaching activities, I realized that I learn and understand the topics more when I am teaching them.

Indeed, these are two great inseparable things, which decorated my life until today and for sure, also the next years to come. Teaching helped me to learn not just the lessons about Science and Research topics, but also the important values in life. It made me travel, not just wonderful places, but it made me travel time as I teach young and old generations of learners. 

It made me feel more alive. It gave me a purpose. The best thing about learning is that it is a lifetime mission.

Therefore, as long as I have this burning desire inside of me, I will teach with all my heart, share all the things I know, and learn as long as I am still alive.

This is my call.


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