Teaching Teachers – HAPPY and PROUD

This is one rewarding thing about being a College Lecturer. You get to teach those students who are about to practice their chosen profession. And just this morning, I had an encounter with my former students who are now TEACHERS! ✨

I was given the time to send my niece to her school. She is still in Nursery Level, which obliged me not just to send her off, but to stay for a while inside her school to wait until she’s done with her class.

After sitting for a few minutes, I saw three of my former students. They were very busy with their kids, yet when they saw me, two of them still managed to say “Hi”, while the other one did not see me as she was still giving instructions to her students to form a line.

My heart jumped for joy when I heard some pupils greeted their teacher. And, so my former students answered the young ones with a smile. It was such a wonderful view and a sweet music to my ears.

It’s funny seeing them also having a hard time managing their class with the little angels. I had this thought in mind, “Now, you know how it feels.” LOL!

But, deep inside my heart, I am very happy and proud of what I witnessed.

They have answered the call of becoming TEACHERS and it was a great opportunity for them because they are teaching young minds. They are in-charge for building a good foundation of knowledge and values for these kids. I am proud of MonCAST for producing such dedicated graduates.

For sure, they know their responsibility of instilling good values first, while academic learning follows.

I hope to see more of my former students who accepted the challenge of becoming SHAPERS OF OUR NEW WORLD. They are now part of the pool of TEACHERS of this new GENERATION.

Of course, my duty for the day ended fetching my niece Thia after her morning class, while leaving Ate Alexa for her afternoon class.

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