Senate Bill No. 19 seeks to set Teacher Salary from P20,754 to P30,000 a month

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With the right incentives, teachers will be more motivated to render services to the public schools, according to Drilon in a statement.

With several senators who support such notion, they filed Senate Bill No. 19, which seeks for the approval of the proposed entry-level salary of public school teachers from P20,754 to P30,000 a month.

This proposed hike of pay of public school teachers has found its hope as it could follow the hike of pay for policemen last year.

Drilon said that with this initiative, it can gear towards the improvement of the Philippine educational system with happy and productive teachers doing their job.

Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian and Sen. Sonny Angara have different details of their proposed hike of pay schemes. For Gatchalian, it would be from SG 11, 12, and 13 to SG 13, 14, 15 respectively. Angara, on the other hand, proposed to raise the salary up to SG19, with an equivalent pay of P45,269 to P50,702.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri and Sen. Francis Pangilinan proposed the increase of salary by P10,000.

Sen. Nancy Binay seeks to raise the entry-level salary to P28,000, considering also the non-teaching personnel in the institutional academic organization with the proposed salary of P18,000.

For higher public education institutions, Sen. Pia Cayetano proposed not just the salary increase, but also more budget for the improvement of the infrastructure of the public universities and state colleges.

Moreover, Senate President Tempore Ralph Recto proposes the increase to P10,000 of the Chalk Allowance for teachers. According to him, chalks for teachers, while bullets for soldiers.

Final Note

With all of these proposed salary increase for public teachers, let’s hope that these are not just rose-tinted promises. Teachers sometimes get from their own pockets the money needed for the school facility improvements. The government forgets to realize that these teachers have families of their own to feed and support. Yet, because of the demands of the job, personal resources are also consumed.

Furthermore, professional development is necessary and all teachers recognize that. However, attending seminars, training, and workshops deemed to be impossible, if not, very costly, which discourages more teachers in improving themselves.

It is not about the monetary gain, but having some spare amount of earned cash to buy books, attend training, and even enjoy travels and bonding moments with family and friends, without any worries of other financial obligations.

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