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Time Frame: 1 hr

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, students are expected to:

  • Identify the elements of circuits through symbols;
  • Draw a circuit using representations of circuit symbols;
  • Relate the importance of studying circuits in understanding how electronic devices work.

II. Subject Matter

A. Lesson: Elements of a Circuit

B. References: Physics Book – IV Textbook

C. Materials: Electronic Flash Cards and Handouts

III. Learning Activities

A. Review on the previous lesson to activate prior knowledge of students about atoms, charged particles, and flow of current.

B. Lesson Proper


Students will be divided into two groups in preparation for a game called “Name It!”. An electronic flash card will be used to show the students some common symbols they see around them. Symbols of the elements of a circuit will be included on those electronic flashcards to test the prior knowledge of students.


Students will be asked with the following questions:

1) Are all those symbols familiar to you?

2) What do you think is the importance of symbols in understanding things around us?

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What is a circuit?

An electric circuit is a conducting loop in which current can transfer energy from a suitable source to a useful load.

The elements of a circuit can be drawn in three ways.

1) block diagram

2) pictorial diagram

3) schematic diagram


You can draw the elements of a circuit using these symbols.


There are examples of pictorial diagram with the corresponding schematic diagram:

IV. Assessment

Students will be asked to draw their own schematic circuit based on the below diagram.

V. Assignment

Research about electrical connections and cite the advantages and disadvantages of each (series, parallel).

You can download a FREE PDF copy of the LESSON PLAN.

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